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Written by Aidan Rush

For some reason the name Crocodiles sounds right for a noise pop band hailing from Southern California. It makes even more sense when you learn that the duo of Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez boast a thorny us against the world mentality.

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Posted in: Bus Sessions on May 22, 2012

PAPA (Los Angeles)

Written by Aidan Rush

“All that matters is writing good, honest songs. That’s what I care about as well.” This quote comes from PAPA leader Darren Weiss, and was part of his answer to a Buzz Bands LA interview question about whether or not he pays attention to what’s on the indie landscape right now.

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Posted in: Bus Sessions on May 08, 2012

Savoir Adore (Brooklyn)

Written by Aidan Rush

Because car troubles forced the cancellation of the IAtv Session we had planned with Savoir Adore in 2011, we were more than a little excited to finally capture this buzzing “fantasy rock” group doing their thing on the bus at SXSW.

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Posted in: Bus Sessions on April 11, 2012

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