About Us

Here's our story.

Indie Ambassador is music. about_us_logo

We are a small group of twenty-somethings who have been working professionally in the artist management, touring and marketing space for over a decade. We've witnessed first hand the challenges of juggling the roles and responsibilities of a day-to-day music career. Indie Ambassador is a product of this environment and we are dedicated to building the foundation for the new music industry.

Indie Ambassador means business.

Collaborate. Manage. Schedule. Promote. Play. Repeat.

While we're not quite ready to share every detail surrounding the Indie Ambassador platform, our tools will be an invaluable resource that guides the evolution of your music career. Stay tuned as we continue to develop and when we're ready to roll we'll provide detailed tutorials that disect all of our features.

Indie Ambassador is continuously growing.

We continue to work alongside artists, music professionals, and affiliates to make improvements, incorporate new ideas, and embrace new technologies. Indie Ambassador will provide a fresh perspective for our industry, allowing our users to build transparent, sustainable careers.

Indie Ambassador is slated for private Beta launch in late 2011, so until then check out pre-Beta!

Note: If you have any additional questions about the company please contact us.
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