Found Around: A Glimpse into Developing Artist MiMOSA’s D2F Campaign

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Found Around on June 13, 2012

Before we get started, let me promise that this article about direct-to-fan funding has nothing to do with that certain musician celebrity that has famously raised $1M on Kickstarter. Quite the opposite, in fact. The good people over at Fame House have decided to publicize the details on the fan funding campaign of a developing artist they work with, MiMOSA, instead of honing in on the success established artists are having with fan funding. Check out the numbers and strategy as outlined in the article below, and try experimenting with some of it in your next online marketing campaign!


(HypebotThe Value of Fans Sharing Brand Messaging: Insights Into Social Currency [CASE STUDY]

We’ve all seen how direct-to-fan principles have been successful for established artists, but not so much for artists that don't yet have a built-in fan base that is sizable and loyal enough to support a long independent career. Through a series of articles, our (Fame House's) aim is to document case studies that illustrate marketing initiatives for an artist going from the developing stage of their career to being an established act with a healthy, self-sufficient business in the new music industry.

About the Artist: MiMOSA is a developing artist who is aiming to carve his own lane in the electronic music genre (which has quickly grown in popularity). He has already demonstrated the potential for having a successful long-term career, as he has locked in several bookings in the North American festival circuit, including Bonnaroo. Though, he has much room to grow – his online audience is relatively small (24,000 fans on his Facebook, 1,500 uniques to his website per month, etc), and he has yet to break into new touring markets that his peers have already infiltrated, namely Europe and Australia.

In short, MiMOSA has all the key ingredients to build a successful career: music that fans love, a potential market big enough to support him, as well as a market that’s reactive enough to effectively monetize.

But the question is... what works to get him there?

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