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Discussing the E.I.Y. Movement with Founder Sarah Saturday

Written by Paul Adler | Posted in: Business on April 22, 2012

Sarah Saturday is an accomplished musician, web designer, and Warped Tour veteran, but most notably she's the founder of the Earn It Yourself movement. As staunch believers in the DIY ethos, we've followed the evolution of EIY and were psyched to finally catch up with Sarah to talk about the project.

Top Five NYC Rehearsal Spaces for a Band On a Budget

Written by Paul Adler | Posted in: on March 02, 2012

If your band is based in any city, let alone New York, rehearsal space is an absolute must and unless your label is picking up the tab, it doesn’t hurt to exercise some frugality when selecting a practice studio.

The Death of Creativity

Written by Paul Adler | Posted in: Marketing on February 21, 2012

A common trope of postmodernity is that everything has been said and done—no thought is original; nothing said, no matter how well-articulated or gussied-up, is new. Here in America, we are a society of sloganeering, of rehashed social notions, of the laughably-predictable media narrative, and of the cheap, trite sort of recycled platitudes to which the ignorant perpetually subscribe.

Top 10 Music Industry After-Hours Jobs

Written by Paul Adler | Posted in: on January 13, 2012

It’s no secret that most musicians these days are finding difficult the prospect of making a living in a music industry that, it’s probably safe to say, is about as stable as a vegan’s intestinal tract after a Crunchwrap Supreme.

Home Recording and DIY Promotion with White Ppl

Written by Paul Adler | Posted in: Green Room Interviews on January 09, 2012

White Ppl, a three-piece experimental punk outfit, is the brainchild of Baltimore native Tripp Kramer. Laid up during a particularly severe bout of shingles toward the end of 2010, Kramer took to his eight-track recorder and used this time to record and self-release three EPs.