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Contemplating the Auto Industry’s Role in Music Discovery

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Marketing on March 30, 2012

As the digital music revolution progresses, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that the auto industry is one of the largest frontiers left to conquer. Think about it. As of July 2008, 112 million people commute to work via car, 86% (97 million) of them doing so alone in their own car.

Interview w/ Chris Woods of Tunesat

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Business on March 19, 2012

There was once a time when tracking song placements on TV was simple enough that they could be accurately reported manually. Today, with hundreds upon hundreds of channels and the advent of the Internet, the amount of songs placed and therefore money that falls through the cracks of the traditional tracking methods is significant.

Interview w/ Matt Siegel of Indaba Music

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Business on March 15, 2012

Every musician has tried his or her hand at online services that promise to connect them with career opportunities. There are many of these services, and we were lucky enough to sit down with Matt Siegel, COO and Co-Founder of Indaba Music, to find out what makes his company unique.

Myspace to Announce New Web Series at SXSW

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: on March 13, 2012

Today at SXSW, Myspace will announce a new, scripted web series focused on promoting emerging artists. With giant corporate sponsors such as Taco Bell, the artists featured will undoubtedly receive a huge promotional boost, even if it comes at the expense of some less than impressive acting.

Interview w/ Alexis Rodich of BandsInTown

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Business on March 13, 2012

Can you remember all the hoops bands had to jump through in order to get their show dates well publicized 10 years ago? There was no such thing as social media and smart phones, and you probably only had direct contact with a band if you were in one or were friends with someone who was.

Email List Abuse

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: on March 12, 2012

A bands' email list is one of its most highly coveted assets. An email blast will often receive more (worthwhile) attention than a social media post, and if handled correctly, and establish a strong connection between a band and its fans.

Should your Website be a Blog?

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: on March 06, 2012

Bandzoogle is a cool company that helps bands and solo artists build their own websites. CEO David Dufresne answered a few questions over on Hypebot about how his company has managed to stay relevant as the web has grown, what he thinks about bands who make blogging platforms their primary websites, what plans they have for the growing mobile universe and more!

Interview with James Aviaz of Songtrust

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Business on March 05, 2012

To the naked eye, it seems as though there are a million services online that all do exactly the same thing: bring you all those unpaid royalties. However, when you get down to it, each one is a little different in how they go about doing such and whom exactly they are meant for.

Sarah Blacker

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Green Room Interviews on February 28, 2012

Cambridge songwriter stand-out Sarah Blacker is gearing up for the release of her Perfectly Imperfect EP, and took some time to tell us about how she overcomes writer’s block, a cool service called Concerts in your Home, what effect her career in music therapy has had on her musicianship, and much more.

Two Stances on the State of the Music Industry for Artists

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: on February 27, 2012

With the advent of all the musician-friendly music services to pop up on the Internet in the past few years, it's often said that this is the "golden age" for musicians. However, some say that things have never been worse for artists.

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