Lists: Musician-curated tips that a Google search won't answer, like where to park near the venue or grub it up after your show.

5 Apps in the SC App Gallery That You Should Know About

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Lists on May 11, 2012

If you’re a musician at all involved or familiar with online tools, then you know what SoundCloud is. You know SoundCloud is a great place to store your creations online and share them with the larger SC community. You also know that their audio player makes you a little hot and bothered at times.

Record Store Day Deals In New England

Written by Sean Robinson | Posted in: Lists on April 20, 2012

The comeback of vinyl and quickly diminishing number of independent records stores in recent years has led to artists and fans rallying behind the 2007 celebrated creation of Record Store Day.

5 Uses of

Written by Ben Maitland-Lewis | Posted in: Lists on April 06, 2012

We wanted to build an updated version of the press kit for new-age professionals; the multitasking, tech-savvy creator who is always on the move. Our kits are multi media friendly, work across all devices, and breathe new life into an old market.

Top Rehearsal Facilities in Boston

Written by Mike Harmon | Posted in: Lists on February 14, 2012

I'm sure that every band has heard their drummer say, "I should have played the flute" during a load-out at some point in time. It's no surprise that musicians need ample space to to house their equipment and rehearse, so living in a city can pose a problem.

The Best Music Blogs in Boston

Written by Sean Robinson | Posted in: Lists on February 10, 2012

All music blogs are different, but one of the best parts about them is that, due to the restrictions of their full time jobs, most bloggers are music lovers that only have the time and desire to write about the music they love.

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