Help Hypebot Write a Hit Song!

Written by Kathryn Cox Posted in: on August 02, 2010

If you've ever wanted to have a hand in the creation of a hit song, now is your chance! HypeBot is giving you the chance to be a part of something HUGE! (insert sarcastic tone here) My theory is that this song is going to be the most typical song to ever come into existence.  See details below and get involved!


(HypeBot) The Hypebot Hit Song Contest: Enter Now!

...Because The Grand Prize Alone Is Worth Over $3,500!!! Here at Hypebot, we’ve channeled our inner pop stars and have written the first data-driven hit song. The catch is that we would like you to write a the music and perform a cover of our song lyric. Today, July 27, through August 10, we will be accepting entries into The Hypebot Hit Song Contest. The voting process will be taking place throughout the competition; winners will be finalized and issued on August 11. There will be one grand prize winner and three runner-ups. To enter the contest, look for the lyrics below,  perform a cover of the song, and visit our SoundCloud page where you can upload your creation. Contest participants are encouraged to produce some of the most stereotypical pop song music they can bear to play.

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