Earbits: Buy Airtime, Gain Exposure, Commercialize your Band

Written by Christine Galanté Posted in: on February 22, 2012

Earbits is a startup radio service that makes the BANDS the customers, and listeners the product. Unlike Pandora or other internet radios services, Earbits is only here for emerging artists. Using social-networking sites as a gateway, Earbits finds your closest friends and sorts them by listening taste. Is this service worth it? Are people interested in finding new music through ads? Some interesting insight into that question and the music startup product creation process can be found in the article below! 

-Christine Galante 

(Hypebot)  Advertising Indie: Earbits Helps Bands Find Fans

It’s easy for bands to distribute their music, but hard to market it. They can pay to get their songs in the right places—iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify—but it’s unclear how to get them heard by the right people. Earbits, a Los Angeles-based startup, aspires to turn their radio service into an ad platform where bands can buy airtime and gain exposure for their songs and upcoming live performances.

While the web-music sector is crowded with established services like Pandora and Spotify, Earbits stands out because it focuses solely on emerging artists and provides fans with a compelling way to discover them. The service offers genre stations, which are common, but it has many features which aren’t.

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