The Best Music Blogs in Boston

Written by Sean Robinson Posted in: on February 10, 2012

All music blogs are different, but one of the best parts about them is that, due to the restrictions of their full time jobs, most bloggers are music lovers that only have the time and desire to write about the music they love. Whether you’re coming in on tour or are a local, getting featured on a Boston-based blog is a great way to expand your fan base, release new music, and promote your upcoming shows. Check out the list below to find out about some of the best Boston blogs and how you can submit your music to them.

Jump The Turnstyle - Born in 2008, Jump the Turnstyle is Boston’s go-to blog for Hip Hop and Rap oriented content. It regularly features new music, news, and whatever else the dudes find funny on the Internet. They don’t have an official submission policy, but their contact tab throws you directly to their email. Be warned, though, it is occasionally NSFW.



Boston Band Crush - Boston Band Crush has a variety of unique aspects that set it apart from other blogs. Being one of the few blogs entirely dedicated to the vast diversity of Boston bands, they also write advice articles for artists, release compilations and gladly accept submissions. They cover releases as well as live shows and claim their “purpose is to inform, not to criticize,” so no worries if you have an off night.


Boston Music Spotlight - Updated daily, the self-proclaimed “leading source of music news and concert information in New England” might be considered affected if their claim wasn’t so close to the truth. Featuring news, reviews, and a variety of other content, their posts range from mainstream artists on tour in New England to spotlights on upcoming local artists. They have no official submission policy, so reaching out to them may be worth the effort.



Ryan’s Smashing Life - A problem that often faces blogs that highlight both national and native talent is the balance between them. The way in which RSL is able to harmonize the two are one of the reasons it’s long been one of the most popular. Scroll down on the RSL homepage and you’ll find RSL’s Soundcloud dropbox with which you can submit to their indie-minded contributing writers. 



Bradley’s Almanac - While they are, for the most part, an mp3 blog, Bradley’s Alminac is unique in that it posts a lot of live and rare mp3’s legally. The only way he’ll post commercially available music is if he gets the go ahead from the artist or management and likes it. When you reach out, make sure to include your tie to Boston, as he gives preference to locals.



Allston Pudding - With a heavy focus on the diverse Allston live music scene, Allston Pudding consistently puts out great concert reviews and mp3 downloads. Combined with their mixtapes, and open submission policy, AP’s earned a reputation as one of the best and even garnered them the Best Music Blog award at the 2011 Boston Music Awards.



Dysonsound - This popular Jamaica Plain based blog features both national and local acts in a variety of genres. While you’re never sure what Dyson's going to be into, his strong opinions and recently launched podcast make the submit worth your effort.



Sleepover Shows - Whether you’re on tour or from Boston, one resource worth hitting up is Sleepover shows. Filmed in unique and strange settings, the offer was always to play a short, 3-song set in exchange for a place to stay overnight, though more frequently they just shoot before or after the show. Mostly focused on indie and alternative acts, they give contact information, but nothing about their submission policy.



Music Savage - Kyle at Music Savage gets back to what blogs are all about: sharing a love of music. His blog primarily calls attention to new indie and lo-fi music and encourages artists to submit music.

I Heart Noise - The moniker says it all. These guys are into underground metal, electronic, and other varieties of music that make a lot of noise. In addition to regular content, they also release mixtapes and interviews and provide contact info for submissions.

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