Concert Picks: Weekly Concert Picks 6/25-7/1

Written by Taylor Pile Posted in: Concert Picks on June 25, 2012

Show: Japandroids
Date: Tuesday, June 26th
Venue: Brighton Music Hall
Similar Artists: Cloud Nothings, Cymbals Eat Guitars
Why: I have listened to this band's latest album Celebration Rock over 100 times. No seriously, maybe 10-11 times just this weekend. I think the reason I can’t put this record down is because the music they make is what I like to call “fun rock.” The type of music you can dance to but isn’t being played by a computer; the type of music that lets you grab someone's hand and just forget about everything and enjoy yourself. This band represents everything I love about music and I can’t wait to see them live for the first time this Tuesday.

Show: Penguin Prison
Date: Thursday, June 28th
Venue: Middle East Downstairs
Similar Artists: Holy Ghost!, Strange Talk
Why: Dance party. I personally don’t find the music incredibly important in any way, but it’s rare that “DJ” type music doesn’t come with glow sticks and douchebags who saw Kaskade instead of Radiohead at Coachella. If I were to get my computer rock dancing shoes on or take a girl out, this would be a great show for that type of thing.

Show: Fiona Apple
Date: Saturday, June 30th
Venue: Citi Wang Theatre
Similar Artists: Regina Spektor, Tori Amos
Why: Her music creeps into my soul and refuses to escape. If you haven’t checked out her latest record, punch yourself in the face then go buy it. I think a lot of people don’t really understand how musical the music Fiona Apple makes is because it’s so violently complicated. With vocal phrasing that can send perpetual chills down your spine, I highly recommend it.

Show: Quilt, Young Magic
Date: Sunday, July 1st
Venue: Great Scott
Similar Artists: Animal Collective, Mister Lies
Why: I am not familiar with Quilt to be honest, but Young Magic are fucking incredible. I had to follow up one of their live performances with my band Mirror Lady at SXSW in March, and the entire time I was playing I thought to myself, “fuck that was awesome, can they please do that again...twice?” The music kind of goes all over the place; they do things like harmonize a rap over a world beat. Not only is the music great, but seeing how they perform them live is even better. Expect lots of floor toms, sample pads, reverb and bells. Young Magic are gaining a lot of buzz in the music industry and I highly doubt you will be able to see them at a venue like the Great Scott again. Don’t miss your chance!

Show: Julia Easterlin
Date: Sunday, July 1st
Venue: Church
Similar Artists: Kimbra, Bjork
Why: First off, Church is the shit. I'm not talking about Jesus Church, I'm talking about my favorite bar of all time that just so happens to be called Church. The sound is great, the drinks are better, and the staff is incredibly nice. The only reason you don’t see this venue on our weekly concert picks more often is because they seem to book a lot of crappy bands. Julia Easterlin is NOT CRAPPY. Actually, she is EPIC. All caps are necessary. For those not familiar with one of the most talented female singers in Boston, get familiar this Sunday. She uses loop pedals to create a live choir of her own voice - instead of me telling you how awesome she is, I’ll let youtube do the work for me:

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