Weekly Tips Round-Up | 1/28 to 2/3

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: on February 03, 2012

There's no way musicians in search of advice have the time to read through all the new, helpful content published online every day. We've pulled our five favorite articles from this week and posted them below so you don't have to find the best articles yourself! This week our contemporaries on the internet covered press kits, licensing, songwriter income, google for musicians, and the difference between the recording industry and the music industry. 

Digital Music Licenses and Royalties:
A breakdown on how songwriters receive royalties for digital music sales and the rules digital music services must follow. (Tunecore Blog)

Press Kits:
Clyde Smith gives us creative and cost effective ways to get your press kits noticed. (Hypebot)

Sources of Income For Songwriters:
Jon Ostrow shares 30 different ways to earn songwriter royalties and fees other than album sales. (Hypebot)

The Music Industry vs. The Recording Industry:
Did you know that there’s a difference between the Music Industry and the Recording Industry? Jeremy Belcher breaks it down for us. (Music Think Tank)

Musician’s Guide to Google:
Ariel Hyatt gives us 9 awesome tips on how to use Google to its full advantage. (Ariel Publicity)

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