WFNX to be bought by Clear Channel

Written by Cheryl Rafuse Posted in: on May 16, 2012

UPDATE [2:46 pm]: WFNX has posted a thank you note on their blog.

It’s a somber day for Boston radio. WFNX is being sold to the monopolizing conglomerate Clear Channel. For someone who has listened to WFNX practically since birth, this change is one tough pill to swallow. This just means more people are going to turn away from traditional radio, a medium that has been slowly phasing out over the past decade.  Imagining the cheeky commentary turned into iHeart radio jabber is painful to think about. Specifics of the buy are still being discussed, but what gory details of WFNX’s sad end do exist can be found below. Check for updates as they come in on the Phoenix's website.



(Boston Phoenix) BREAKING: 101.7 WFNX is being sold to ClearChannel pending FCC approval

UPDATE [12:13 pm]: Clear Channel has released a statement regarding its purchase of WFNX. 

UPDATE [11:19 am]: I'm told that WFNX's intellectual property -- including the call letters, the archives, interviews, videos, etc. -- are being retained by Phoenix Media/Communications Group in the deal that sends 101.7 FM to Clear Channel, leaving open the possibility that WFNX could live on as a non-terrestrial radio station of some sort. It's also far too soon to speculate whether that's likely to happen.


The following memo was just sent to staff here at the Boston Phoenix. We'll have further updates as we get them.

    Dear Members of the PM/CG Family:

    Because this is an emotional announcement to make, let me cut right to the chase.

    This morning I met with the staff of WFNX  to announce the pending sale of the station to Clear Channel Communications.

    Over the years, WFNX has done spectacular things. Since 1983 the station has played an historic role in bringing new music to audiences in and around Boston. We introduced Nirvana and Pearl Jam to wider audiences in 1991. Together with the Boston Phoenix we staged the notorious Green Day concert at the Hatch Shell in 1994. Three years later, FNX and the Phoenix organized a group reading and broadcast of Allen Ginsberg’s controversial poem Howl, featuring talents as varied as rocker Peter Wolf and Poet Lauriat Robert Pinsky, along with civil liberties attorney Harvey Silverglate and me. We’ve formed creative partnerships with local museums and many other important not-for-profit organizations such as the AIDS Action Committee. In addition, for years we broadcast One In Ten, the only program on a commercial radio station in the nation dedicated to the issues and lifestyles of the GLBT community. And throughout it all, FNX has continued to break new music, most recently the work of Foster the People, Fun, and Gotye -- to name just three. 

    Here comes the catch....

Read the entire article here! 

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