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Written by Anishka George Posted in: on April 07, 2012

Sorry movie theaters, the internet finally caught up. YouTube has announced a new feature that will convert videos of 1080p-quality into 3D. The process will be automatic, and it will be a quality option for video viewing. As of now, the feature will only be available for short videos, though YouTube hasn't specified the exact time length. Don't forget, you still need to be wearing 3D glasses in order for it to work. And, since YouTube is converting it to 3D (aka, videos aren't shot in 3D -- yet), the quality is probably going to be horrible. It's definitely a work in progress and something that was bound to happen anyways, but I really hope they don't expect us to be walking around in 3D glasses all the time.


(VentureBeatYouTube starts automatically converting 1080p videos into 3D

The video site first rolled out beta testing for its 3D functionality back in September 2011. Since then, YouTube’s team said it has constantly been at work on enhancing the 2D to 3D  conversion process using several techniques.

In a blog post, YouTube explains those techniques as: 

  • Using combination of video characteristics — such as color, spatial layout and motion –  to estimate a depth map for each frame of a monoscopic video sequence
  • Using machine learning from the growing number of true 3D videos on YouTube to learn video depth characteristics and apply them to in-depth estimation
  • Using  generated depth map and the original monoscopic frame to create a stereo 3D left-right pair that a stereo display system needs to display a video as 3D

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