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A Letter From The Founders...

We run things differently here at Indie Ambassador. Our goal is to provide structure for an industry flooded with shiny new tools that do little other than mask stale business practices. Indie Ambassador's career tools will organize and strengthen your music career from the ground up. Through managing assets and finances, prioritizing touring and marketing efforts, and organizing your portfolio in an accessible, transparent environment, Indie Ambassador will be an invaluable resource that guides the evolution of your career.

Our core is in Artist Development, working alongside musicians nationwide. For over a decade our team has been immersed in the music community working for major and indie labels, radio stations and living room startups, all the while continuing to play in touring bands. Through managing artists, producing and supporting a reputable music catalogue and magazine, running a small fleet of veggie-fueled tour buses, and leading alternative marketing and educational campaigns, we strive to effectively position ourselves in the evolving music industry.

We decided on a subscription-based membership model for several reasons. Indie Ambassador is a professional toolset that should not be hindered by irrelevant advertisements. Most importantly, it allows us to continue developing industry-leading career tools for our users. Our national affiliate network continues to grow, providing savings in the studio and on the road as well as business opportunities otherwise unavailable to most artists. We are proud of our competitive membership pricing and continue to look for ways to pass savings onto our members.

We hope you enjoy what we're building at Indie Ambassador. We continue to work alongside bands and intermediaries to make improvements, incorporate new ideas, and embrace new technologies. Together, we will provide a fresh perspective on the industry while building sustainable, profitable careers, where you, the artist, are in control.

Best Wishes,

Ben & Chris

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