Episode 4 – Make Your Local Show Count

In this week’s episode of TrueDIY, Ben sat down with our trusty Northeastern Co-op, Aidan Rush to dissect the process of booking, promoting and executing a big hometown show. It’s all here; building the lineup, approaching local press, marketing, selling merch and settling fairly at the end of the night. Episode 4 is solid, so press play and take some notes!

“People Like Stickers!” -Ben Maitland-Lewis (as Vince Offer)

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About TrueDIY

With the adversity currently facing both independent and major acts, it’s easy to blame modern technology, unabated infringement and the economy for the struggling music industry. But, one must look closer to see that passive artists, influenced by years of superstar status and limited career development are also to blame. Luckily, the definition of rock star is evolving. Artists and industry professionals alike continue to break free from the stale business model that’s been handicapping the industry for decades, using new technologies to harness and expand their audience like never before.

Enter TrueDIY. Our goal with this video series is to profile the new breed of rock star. That is, artists and industry professionals that are making a difference in the evolving music industry.

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