Foundry 24’s Valentine’s Day Massacre

Written by Aidan Rush Posted on: February 07, 2012

Not into manufactured romance or those dreadful heart candies that leave your teeth begging to fall out? Come out to Foundry24 this Friday night, February 10th, to destroy Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for with our first party of 2012! (We don't really hate V-day... but it's a great excuse to throw a party!)

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Recap: Foundry24 does Halloween 2011

Written by Aidan Rush Posted on: November 07, 2011

Case of the Mondays? Re-live the good times with this quick recap of our Halloween show! Just in case the night's still a bit foggy, here's a re-cap of the highlights: Magners, PBR, and vitaminwater quenched our thirst. We revealed our Merch.

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BOO! 1st Annual Halloween Event @ Foundry24!

Written by Aidan Rush Posted on: October 21, 2011

Halloween is one of those holidays that, unlike New Year's Eve, never seems to disappoint. Keep that sentiment alive and well by coming out to Indie Ambassador and Strewnshank's first annual Halloween Event at Foundry24 on 10/28! Just like you'll be disguised as something else that night, all bands on the night's roster will be performing as bands they idolize: Visions of Kody as Brand New The Thickness as NOFX For Sleeping or Jumping as GlassJaw Vending Machetes as Queens of the Stone Age.

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August 5th - Free Showcase @ Foundry24!

Written by Aidan Rush Posted on: July 29, 2011

Mystery Roar w/ The Black & White Years at Foundry24! In the interest of supporting great local and touring artists, the creative arts companies under the roof of Foundry24 are throwing another FREE music showcase. On the night of Friday August 5th, IndieAmbassador.

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From Boston With Love: A Pre-SXSW Celebration!

Written by Chris Cave Posted on: February 23, 2011

You might ask why we’re throwing a networking showcase in Boston less than two weeks from the biggest music networking event in the country. It’s simple! We’re creating an annual pre-SXSW gathering for contributors of the Boston music scene and greasin' the wheels for SXSW 2011! For the past three years both Sidehatch and Indie Ambassador have had a blast hosting and sponsoring showcases at South By Southwest, but this year we wanted to try something new.

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Term Sheets: The Entrepreneur’s Record Deal

Written by Ben Maitland-Lewis Posted on: October 12, 2010

Chris and I just attended an amazingly productive panel organized by The Capital Network at the Foley Hoag Emerging Enterprise Center focusing on Angel Group and Venture Capital Term Sheets. It might not sound too interesting at first, but term sheets are the startup world’s record deal.

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Indie Ambassador getting poked @DartBoston

Written by Chris Cave Posted on: July 21, 2010

Indie Ambassador is getting poked! We've been invited to present at the next Pokin' Holes event hosted by DartBoston on July 29th. If you're a local, under 30 entrepreneur or professional and haven't heard of DartBoston, check them out ASAP.

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