Foundry 24’s Valentine’s Day Massacre

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Events on February 07, 2012

Not into manufactured romance or those dreadful heart candies that leave your teeth begging to fall out? Come out to Foundry24 this Friday night, February 10th, to destroy Valentine’s Day and everything it stands for with our first party of 2012! On the bill we have 4 bands that will stop at no length to make sure you forget who that naked, winged baby with an arrow is: Dead Ellington, Double Nines, The Thickness, and For Sleeping or Jumping. With the killer lineup and Foundry24's recent facelift, neither St. Valentine nor Cupid stand a chance!

The event’s logistics remain the same: Doors at 7:30 PM, free to attend, 18+ to enter, and 21+ to drink.  Beverages will be provided courtesy of our lovely sponsors at vitaminwater, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Magner’s Irish Cider.  Also, as always, you must RSVP to get in!

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One last thing! We’d really appreciate your vote in the Phoenix’ Best of Boston Awards! If you feel so inclined to nominate Indie Ambassador for Best Music Blog and Foundry24 for Best Non-Gallery Art Space, it would make us all warm and fuzzy. Then again, if you’d rather wait until after the Massacre to do anything nice for anyone, we totally understand.

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The lovely poster courtesy of the tallented Jared Keith

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