Help Indie Ambassador Win the Mission: Small Business Challenge!

Written by Ben Maitland-Lewis Posted in: General on June 25, 2012

Chase & LivingSocial have launched an awesome campaign for entrepreneurs whereby they're awarding a $250,000 grant to 12 small businesses through their Mission: Small Business initiative. This would be a tremendous boost for all of us at Indie Ambassador and allow us to continue developing tools for musicians, producing our video & blog series, and hosting epic live events! The first step towards winning the grant is receiving at least 250 votes from YOU on the Mission: Small Business website. If you think we’re the coolest thing since wearing your sunglasses at night, give us a vote and tell your friends!

Here’s how to vote:

1) Visit

2) Login with your Facebook username and password. (If you’re already logged into Facebook, this should happen automatically.)

3) After logging in, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter “Indie Ambassador” in the “business name” field.

4) When Indie Ambassador shows up as a result in the next window, click the blue “Vote” button!

More about Mission Small Business

Mission Small Business is an effort by the Program Sponsors, Chase Bank USA, National Association and LivingSocial, Inc. to increase awareness of the important role small businesses play in local communities and to help small businesses grow.

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