Changelog: v0.3 private beta

Written by Chris Cave Posted in: Development on April 16, 2012

This week saw several awesome updates for Presskits and a few minor tweaks in the control panel. Be sure to check them out below!


This release includes desktop and mobile updates & bug fixes, including:

  • Image viewer - You can now cycle through all images in a manual slideshow that includes the image title and description.  Right click or tap (mobile) to download the full resolution image. 
  • Hidden Tabs & Sub-tab - Tabs and sub-tabs that contain no information will no longer display on the Presskit. Included are the Members, Wins, and Links sub-tabs in the About tab as well as the Contact and Calendar tabs. This is great for individuals that want to build a personal Presskit or if your project doesn't need a calendar or contact information.
  • Past Events - Added a button to the Calendar to view previous events. This is a great new feature so you can maintain an archive of significant dates like album releases, notable shows, etc. 
  • View Dashboard - Added a button to your Presskit's header so you can easily jump back to the dashboard when you're logged in.
  • Sharing - We made three updates that allow you to share your Presskit more easily. First, we added a share button to the bottom of your Presskit. When you're logged in easily jump back to the Share page and send your Presskit via email.

    Additionally, we added a Like button to your public Presskit.  Click the button and a link to your Presskit will be posted to your facebook wall along with the default image, tagline, and an optional comment. This allows visitors to easily share your Presskit with their friends and colleagues. We think it's sweet!

    Last, we added a Tweet button which can be used in a few ways.  The first is the traditional tweet to your followers that includes a default message and the link to your kit. The second and more direct way is to share your Presskit via a mention or direct message. Just begin the message with the ".@twitterhandle" for the mention or the letter "d" followed by the twitter handle of the intended recipient for a direct message.

    For example, if you wanted to send your Presskit to a person you met at a show or conference just ask for their twitter handle and tweet your Presskit to them with a quick message.  iOS devices also have a built in tweet feature that you can easily use. 

  • Privacy Notice - We made two updates to private content.  Any audio tracks that you've marked as private will be flagged as such in the control panel for easy reference.  Additionally, on your public Presskit there's now a box underneath Audio, Images, and Files that alerts visitors that your Presskit contains private content and that they should request access to view it. 
  • Download Notice - Audio files are now flagged as downloadable in the control panel for easy reference.
  • Misc. bug fixes - You can now add links to event and win descriptions in your Calendar tab and Win sub-section respectively.  The +More button now changes to say -Less when you expand the home screen of the mobile browser.

As always, let us know what you think!


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