Aidan Rush
Account Manager





Through the bark of Henry Hobbes

Hailing from the hills of God’s country, Executive Editor Aidan Rush is Indie Ambassador’s go-to word scientist, leading snack consumer, and only moonlighting Juggalo. He wishes dearly that last superlative was a joke. On a typical day, you’ll find Aidan managing Indie Ambassador’s editorial content, coordinating IAtv sessions, impatiently spouting marketing ideas and overseeing digital and social media promotion. And although a viral bumble forced him into early retirement as an IAtv host, he continues to interview artists off camera for the text portion of our IAtv session segments.

While all that’s good and fine, I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed Aidan’s presence for any other reason than his talent for littering the floor around him with crumbs. Aside from that one time I inhaled a muffin wrapper after mistaking it for a muffin, pretending to like him by canoodling on the same chair usually pays off.


You'll find Aidan...

Aidan directs our written editorial content, curates and coordinates IAtv Sessions and Profiles, interviews artists, oversees content syndication, writes marketing copy and works closely with many of our media & corporate partners.

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