Ben Maitland-Lewis
Founding Alchemist / CEO





As told by Chris Cave

Ben is the energy, drive, and cohesive force behind Indie Ambassador and our many ambitious endeavors. Having seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of the industry as an internationally touring musician and manager as well as through various positions at Sony BMG, Columbia Records, and his first entrepreneurial adventure, Boston-based artist development and management company Sidehatch Entertainment Group, Ben has stayed true to his core by providing musicians with the guidance they need to have a successful career in music.  With optimism on his side, Indie Ambassador’s CEO and founding alchemist is constantly in motion, and always determined to make it happen.


You'll find Ben...

Listening to NOFX on repeat and quoting South Park while working to expand the Indie Ambassador network, leading marketing initiatives, hosting IAtv Profile interviews and envisioning the future of the company.

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