Chris Cave
Founding Realist / COO





As told through the this, that & the others of Ben Maitland-Lewis

Chris is the rock, the foundation, THE locomotive train with no brakes. From the moment he started co-op'ing with me at my previous company in 2007 I knew I found someone special. He helps lay the groundwork for the overall structure of our campaigns and is able to see ideas through with finite detail. When it’s all said and done, Chris brings clear structure to the creative environment we all thrive in. His quiet nature, along with his sidekick and resident "dog on the couch" Henry Hobbes, keeps the office running.


You'll find Chris...

overseeing many of Indie Ambassador's day to day operations. When he's not yelling at Henry to get his head out of the trash he's overseeing the web content and design for and, managing intern schedules and projects, organizing and managing product development, and throwing around his two cents about marketing.

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