Doug Rogers
Chief Scientist / CTO





As told by Aidan Rush

The black-shirted dude in the corner may not speak in binary code, but we're pretty sure he at least thinks in it. Doug is the resident geek / genius / robot here at IA HQ, and we don't care if "developer" is the PC way to say it. Despite his dated musical taste, he's a tremendous asset to Indie Ambassador and is the driving force behind bringing the team's ridiculous ideas to fruition. Doug is more than happy to anchor his coworkers’ discombobulated brainstorms, and we wouldn't be as focused as we are without his generously distributed gruff. We've all learned an immense amount from Doug in his short time at IA, and I could not be more excited knowing how much more knowledge he has to drop!


You'll find Doug...

Doug is currently the senior developer for and will serve the same role in the development of all future applications.

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