Joe Mahoney
Marketing & Sponsorships





As told by Christopher Thomas

Joe Mahoney is the kind of guy you’d like to have around during a zombie apocalypse. He might not know how to kill zombies, but he’ll make them look awesome on camera. “Steady Joe” has the smoothest camera shot this side of Yonkers, but his skill set doesn’t stop there; his golden ears can pinpoint the exact frequency of an angel’s cry (which is yet to prove useful, but is cool nonetheless). When he’s not carving chess pieces out of moon-rock, Joe spends his time editing or mixing a slew of Indie Ambassador content, or contemplating the exact location of a speaker delay tower. Much of the set design and technical implementations for IAtv is designed by Joe, and he’s constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the material.  Simply put, Joe is a winner. 


You'll find Joe...

Joe is responsible for the video direction and production of Indie Ambassador TV, works with our sponsorships and marketing team, and plays a critical role in graphic design, company brainstorms and client relations.




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