Sessions: Adam Arcuragi & The Lupine Chorale Society

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Sessions on February 09, 2012

Think of all the ways your favorite musicians try to break down the barrier between them and you. Some emphasize their personality in Direct to Fan interaction via social media, others make sure to meet their fans at concerts, and a good amount hold contests of some sort to give select fans a really special experience. Adam Arcuragi does a commendable job of connecting with his fan base, but in ways not mentioned above.

For instance, Adam, an ex-poet (before a guitar was in the picture – he’s still very much a musical poet) and playwright wrote a “Get to know the band blog series”, on his website, each installment eloquently reflecting his past trade and a genuine effort put forth in describing his friends / band mates and their accomplishments. Originally, the series was only enacted so that his blog would show more activity, but the positive response he’s received from fans towards these personnel profiles was unprecedented. Maybe this route is something to think about for your band if your bio is too static! Furthermore, if you find yourself in the position of a band leader needing to show appreciation for all your supporting cast does, this is a fantastic idea.

Additionally, over the last 5 years, Arcuragi has, while touring and writing incessantly, been simultaneously “popularizing” (Wikipedia’s verb) the Death Gospel genre. Adam views death as the common denominator of all humans, but chooses to celebrate our shared destiny in the present with his gospel, hence the genre title.  But more importantly, this unusual genre label, gives fans present and future something to hold onto when learning about a musician’s sound for the first time. Similar to any company trying to pitch an idea in a matter of seconds, it never hurts for musicians to find those two or three (unique) words that best describe their sound or genre, rather than to spew a collection of generic tags like “rock” and “pop” when asked. After all, until people start singing on command to get across their sound, words are the best we’ve got!

Finally, Adam's music and methods are beginning to resonate with people, progress he says would not be possible without his manager and supporting cast. To take full advantage of all the opportunities that are available to independent musicians these days, you need more than one person taking action.  Adam says it also helps the psyche immensely to know that there’s more riding on your efforts than just your future alone. Whether in sports, business, or music, a team mentality gives people the impression they’re working for something bigger than themselves, and when that hits, pointed focus and motivation is soon to follow.

Listen to Adam spread the good word in the performances of “Presidents’ Song” and “Port Song” in the player above, and catch him in a city near you if you like what you hear!


"Presidents' Song"
Recorded: February 3rd, 2012 at Strewnshank Studio in Charlestown, MA
Recording engineered & mixed by: Joe Mahoney
Video direction & editing by: Joe Mahoney and Chris Thomas

"Port Song"
Recorded: February 3rd, 2012 at Strewnshank Studio in Charlestown, MA
Recording engineered & mixed by: Joe Mahoney
Video direction & editing by: Chris Thomas

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