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The Best IAtv Profiles of 2011

Written by Chris Cave | Posted in: Profiles on December 28, 2011

The goal of IAtv’s Profiles has always been to provide an educational forum for both musicians and industry professionals. Thanks to the hard work of our team members and all of our guests, we think we’ve accomplished that better than ever before over the last 12 months. Take a look at our top 5 profile interviews from 2011 in the graphic below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have a great topic idea for us to cover in 2012!

The Best IAtv Sessions of 2011

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Sessions on December 22, 2011

It started on a whim. The day before we were to have profile interviews with Boston-based Red Bellows and Piebald frontman Travis Shettel we said to ourselves, "Hey, why don’t we have them play a few songs while they’re here?" And so it began. Since that fateful day in May, Indie Ambassador TV’s Sessions segment has evolved into a professionally produced online video series, showcasing both up and coming local bands as well as nationally touring acts. Being that time of the year, we’ve put together a list of our five favorite sessions of 2011.

Ghost Thrower (Boston)

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Sessions on December 20, 2011

Art is the source of fulfillment for artists. But while it fuels and inspires, it can simultaneously destruct and degenerate. Ghost Thrower frontman Travis Alexander knows both sides to this coin very well.

Green Line Inbound (Boston)

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Sessions on December 16, 2011

It's one thing for digital beats to be tight -- you wouldn't expect anything less. But for a full band to translate them perfectly live? That's something to take note of. Boston's Green Line Inbound does just that, and stopped by the studio last week to demonstrate. If you're a fan, keep your eyes peeled for their upcoming mix tape, and stop by one of their residency nights at Lansdowne Pub on Thursdays before it's over in two weeks!

Kingsley Flood (Boston)

Written by Aidan Rush | Posted in: Sessions on December 07, 2011

Everyone knows that romantic long distance relationships rarely hold up for the long term, but is that also the case when it comes to long distance relationships for bands? That topic is just one of the many explored in the latest IAtv session with Kingsley Flood.

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