SXSW '12 Bus Sessions: Chamberlin (Goshen, VT)

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: SXSW '12 Bus Sessions on April 25, 2012

I may only be speaking for myself here, but Chamberlin held a special place in our SXSW journey as they were the first band to ever perform a bus session. At the early stage in our Austin stay in which Chamberlin performed, we were still oblivious to the strange Texas law prohibiting an alcohol-branded vehicle from projecting music, so we happily rigged up a PA to play their music out onto the street during their set. For all too brief a time, Chamberlin’s “Maryland” and “Jealousy” provided the soundtrack for our first Demo Day, and for any SXSW-er who was fortunate enough to be passing by at that point in time.

Holding the title of first bus session band is just one of Chamberlin’s many Wins. They’ve toured with Carbon Leaf and Grace Potter & the Nocturnals, and were booked for The Rock Boat XII. Performer Magazine said their debut LP, Bitter Blood, was a “clear descendent” of The Band’s masterpiece Music From Big Pink in its execution and clearness of vision. They’ve also got a hilarious blog running on their website, though it’s seldom updated. All that said, they’re the biggest Vermont band you’ve probably never heard of.  This will change though, and most likely sooner than later. Chamberlin is still enjoying the buzz garnered from the Cabin Covers EP they released last September, and is constantly touring.

We couldn’t be more excited to premiere their unreleased track “Jealousy” here on IAtv. Check it out in the player above, and be sure to catch Chamberlin on their mini Midwestern tour this week and next if you like what you hear!

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