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Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Sessions on February 02, 2012

Raybans and brightly colored thrift-store sweaters and miniature keyboards and a mic’d boom box. OK, the tune might not stack up to Julie Andrews’ original or Coltrane’s saxxy interpretation, but these are a few of Mirror Lady’s Favorite Things.  Go ahead and sack them with the (violently) “hipster” label all you want, but what matters is that this LA trio consists of three of the most forward-thinking musician-minds I’ve come across in a long time.

Each a hardened veteran in his own right when it comes to band inception and evolution, the three pillars of Mirror Lady have each gone through the writing / recording / booking process so many times that this peripheral activity came as second nature this time around. The music was first, and the added attention it received has paid off. Despite Mirror Lady not yet being four months old, it is the most successful project any of its members have ever been a part of.  Music blogs around the world have feasted on their scant releases, fans have taken advantage of their free downloads offered via bandcamp to such an extent that the bandcamp download limit is reached on a monthly basis, and ML won the LA Deli band of the month in December. But how much of this success is thanks to the music, and how much is due to their adept execution?

According to drummer / toy xylophonist Taylor Pile, the answer to that question is about 50/50. Content is king, and we all know that, but it’s never everything. Everything is achieved by bigger picture things, like an understanding of where the music industry is now and where it is going. Mirror Lady firmly believes that the future of music discovery is via taste making blogs online, not through live performance: “How people discover music today has changed so much. Nobody goes to shows to find out about bands, they find out about them online and then go see them in concert after the fact” says vocalist TJ Petracca. Put more bluntly, Pile states
“It’s just way easier to get people to like you on the Internet these days.” 

Mirror Lady takes action on this insight by opting to play strings of shows in markets that matter rather than spending the money, time, and van BS required to tour nationwide. Keeping in touch with bloggers and other online media outlets, even when they have nothing of their own to promote, is an important tactic to note as well. This approach mixed with finely tuned, short and sweet email outreach copy when there is something to promote has led ML to become a blog favorite. The guys can also point out other cool collaborations between their contemporary musicians and blogs at the drop of the hat like Old Abram Brown, who undertook a "Blog Tour" by premiering one new video every week on a different blog. 

Mirror Lady is currently finishing up the recording process on their debut EP, and are aiming to have it out at the end of February or beginning of March. Treat yourself to unreleased Mirror Lady track “For Good” in the floor-friendly video above, and give us your feedback on ML’s marketing strategy or music in the comments!


"For Good"
Recorded: January 29th, 2012 at Strewnshank Studio in Charlestown, MA
Recording engineered & mixed by: Joe Mahoney
Video direction & editing by: Joe Mahoney

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