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Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: Sessions on January 10, 2012

Serendipity is a word defined as “an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.” It’s also the term Todd Michaelsen used to describe how he met band mate and now wife, Reena Shah. Now if Todd's desirable discovery stopped there it wouldn't be newsworthy, but Todd and Reena's happenstance  was just the beginning of the serendipitous journey that would soon befall Brooklyn-bred five-piece family My Pet Dragon.

Through his newly formed relationship, MPD core songwriter and founder Todd Michaelsen suddenly found himself half a world a way in India where the people and the culture impacted his songwriting more than he could have imagined. Just as Todd and Reena had thrived despite their economic hardships in Brooklyn, the people of India were loving life despite the immense poverty they were a part of. The result of this musician boy meets dancing girl, travels to India, and gets engaged fairytale is an aural experience that’s upbeat, anthemic, and life-affirming. Think similarly global sounding bands like Coldplay or U2 before they were international superstars and the music was still authentic. Add in Reena’s classical Indian Bharata Natyam dance and you’ve got one hell of a concert.

Over the past five years, members of My Pet Dragon have composed original scores for film, collaborated with famed DJ Karsh Kale, and had a record produced by Stephen George, the original drummer of legendary act Ministry. The band's future plans include pushing their project in an up-tempo and psychedelic direction, and playing regional dates around New England during spring 2012. While you’re waiting for new material to drop, be sure to look for their song “Love Anthem” off Mountains and Cities as part of the Occupy compilation coming out in February, also featuring the likes of Lucinda Williams, Jackson Brown, Ladytron, Yo La Tengo and many more. For the closest thing you can get to an MPD concert without being there in person, check out the band's performances of "Flow", "Love Anthem" and "Moonshine" in our latest IAtv Session! 

Current Projects:
Regional Tour in support of Mountains and Cities, writing new material


“Moonshine” | “Love Anthem” | “Flow”
Recorded: December 17th, 2011 at Strewnshank Studio in Charlestown, MA
Recording engineered by: Chris Thomas
Recording mixed by: Joe Mahoney
Video directed by: Chris Thomas & Joe Mahoney
Video edited by: Joe Mahoney

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