SXSW '12 Bus Sessions: The Spinto Band (Wilmington, DE)

Written by Aidan Rush Posted in: SXSW '12 Bus Sessions on April 17, 2012

It’s not a stretch to say that Wilmington’s The Spinto Band might be the most DIY band to ever play an IAtv Session. To start, the project has been around in different incarnations since the 90s, and they’re still together. Back then, songs were recorded on an inherited 4 track, and their music self-promoted via bulky envelopes through snail mail. Over the years, they’ve created their own record label called Spintonic Recordings, built their own club house called The Garden Center for making music, hosting events, and housing their label operations, and have even built a recording studio out of salvaged university lab equipment and craigslist supplies.  

As for marketing this side of the 21st century, the band recently enjoyed a bit of viral success for their video “Shit People Don’t Say at SXSW.” The guys told me that this particular video is really the most recent in a line of many that they’ve done for SXSW every year, but this is the first time one has gained significant traction. (And for good reason—it’s hilarious.) The Spinto Band’s presence on YouTube does not stop here, however, not even close. A quick glance at their channel will reveal various playlists, all of which paint the picture of a band that knows how to maintain a balance of interesting, humorous, relevant and frequent video content. One playlist documents the recording process of Shy Pursuit (complete with tips for how to record certain sounds), one is full of their last album’s songs being played live, and even another consists of keyboardist Sam Hughes reviewing food and beverages from around the world.  

The band’s intriguing history is bound to come under the spotlight soon, as upcoming release Shy Pursuit--an album they crafted on their turf, time, and terms--contains some of the best work they’ve ever put out.  The Spinto Band hopes to have some additional YouTube treats and an iPod game ready to coincide with the album’s release as well. See them play “The Living Things” in the bus up above, and pre-order your copy of Shy Pursuit today if you like what you hear!

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